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How to Transform Your Self-Image Overnight


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Want to know how to transform your self-image overnight?

Let’s be honest, you probably clicked this article because you probably can’t remember the last time you actually looked in the mirror and thought highly of yourself.

Your self-image is poor, and that’s exactly why you feel unfulfilled and like you aren’t living up to your potential. The reason you have negative thoughts about yourself, and feel stuck with no way out.

Your self-image is in desperate need of a transformation.

The good news?

You have everything you need, this very second, to completely transform your self-image. Overnight. That’s right, starting right this moment, you can begin your journey of reviving your best self that you and I both know is buried deep within you, waiting to be resurrected.

Detach From Your Brokeness

I’m definitely an advocate for being brave, walking through your pain, and healing past trauma. However, once you’ve done the work, at a certain point, you shouldn’t let yourself remain in an identity of being broken and wounded forever.

Spending too much time on your past wounds and trauma can actually damage your self-image. Once you do the work, whatever that looks like for you, I encourage you to detach from your brokenness.

Change your identity from being broken to being healed. From being lost to being found. From being less than to more than enough. Go from wishing things were different to accepting them as they are and letting go.

The first step to transforming your self-image is to let go of who you were, used to be, and where you come from. It’s about detaching from the imagery you have of yourself as being this wounded warrior who is still vulnerable.

Imagine yourself strong, alive, revived. Your scar tissue is healed and your wounds are no longer vulnerable. Once you’re able to truly do this, you’re ready to move on. You become free.

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Focus on Your Ideal Self

Once you detach from your past self and stop seeing your brokenness, the next step to transforming your self-image is to focus on your ideal self. Your ideal self is your future self. Who you dream about being. A woman with the qualities you see in other women and admire. The traits you “wish you had.” (And will have in the near future, might I add!)

You’ve disconnected from the past and have connected to the future. In this process of transforming your self-image, you want to keep your eyes forward.

Focus on who you’re becoming.

Imagine Your Ideal Self

In order to transform your self-image, you need to take time and give yourself space to imagine your ideal self.

How does she look? Which clothes does she wear? What does she eat? What does she smell like? How is her hair? What does she do for fun? What does she do for a living? How does she spend her money? How does she spend her time? What does she watch and listen to? What does she talk about? How does she handle conflict? What is she known for? What is she good at?

Imagine this beautiful, golden, angelic version of yourself. See it. Feel it. And most of all, believe this is who you are meant to be.

It’s highly encouraged to write down the answers to these questions. You can do this in any format you choose, but just try to imagine every little possible detail. You may want to write it in the format of a story as if you were writing a narrative about this person and all that they are and do.

Whatever you choose to do, you need to imagine your ideal self in extreme detail and feel it deep in your bones.

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Start Showing Up As Your Ideal Self Today

In everything you do, every choice you make, and every thought you think. It’s time to rise up against your old, unhealthy thought patterns.

The final step to completely transforming your self-image is to take your ideal self and begin living like that woman today. Like right this second.

Yes, correct your posture, fix your hair, and tidy your area. Start identifying and living like your ideal self-right this second, as you’re reading this article.

Live your life as if you already are everything your ideal self embodies. If your ideal self is healthy and fit, begin living your life TODAY like a healthy and fit person.

YOU MUST identify as your ideal self-right this second. Believe at your core that you already are this person. You are. It’s already a part of you. If this wasn’t already within you, you would not have imagined it.

This person already exists inside of you, you just need to retrain your brain to see her! Acknowledge her, and revive her. Bring her to life!

Start showing up in your everyday life as your ideal self. If she’s optimistic and positive, start living like this every day. If she has a strong social life, schedule plans with friends TODAY.

The only way to completely transform your self-image and the way you see yourself is to completely change your identity. You must be ultra intentional with this practice for it to work, and read the vision of your ideal self you wrote down every single morning. Multiple times a day if needed.

You need to keep your ideal self at the front of your mind all of your days so that you can continue to focus on and be intentional about being this person.


If you commit to this practice for one year, I guarantee you that you, your family, and your friends will not even recognize you. You’ll literally see transform your self-identity, the way you view yourself, and the way others see you as well.

When you begin living in the identity of your ideal self, you’ll naturally become this person. You will radiate an aura of beauty and inspiration to those around you. Most of all though, you’ll feel whole again. Youll feel alive, confident and so damn proud of the person you’ve become.

This can be your reality. It’s up to you.

cheers, alyssa

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