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Topics You Should Never Bring Up At The Dinner Table

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7 Topics You Should Never Bring Up At The Dinner Table


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If you want to maintain an elegant and luxe appeal, then here are the top 7 topics you should never bring up at the dinner table.

When you’re out with friends or other guests, it’s important to watch your tongue. An elegant and classy lady has composure and knows how to filter what she chooses to give her input about. When you get emotional or talk about inappropriate things, it makes others feel uncomfortable. It can also cause others to look at you differently.

Ultimately, every word that comes out of your mouth reflects your personal brand. You get to choose what your brand is associated with. Etiquette is all about respect and consideration for yourself and others. Having proper etiquette insinuates a certain level of emotional intelligence and awareness of how your actions and words impact others.

To maintain poise in your presentation and eloquence in your speech, steer clear of these seven topics you should never bring up at the dinner table.

1. Politics

Politics is a big no-no at the dinner table, as well as pretty much everywhere else. This has been a rule for decades due to the heat of the topic and how opinionated and emotional people tend to get over it. You should never bring up your political views or controversial political debates with others. It’s tacky and makes you look like a moron. Yes, I said it. It does not look good and is not elegant or classy.

2. Religion

Other people may have different religious views or experiences than you, which is why this is one of the top topics you should never bring up at the dinner table. You must be okay with other people having different beliefs than you. It’s not your job to change people or convince them that the way you see the world and what you believe in is the right way. It’s important to be open-minded and aware that your religious views are not for everyone, which is why you should avoid bringing this up.

3. Money

It is so tacky to talk about money and numbers. Do not share how much things cost or how much you make with others. Talking about money can make others judge you or feel uncomfortable. When you feel the need to share prices of things and how much you make and so on, it sends the message to others that you’re insecure. Your money situation is private and no one’s business, as is other people’s financial situation none of your business either. Avoid bringing up money as much as you can, especially at the dinner table.

4. Sex

I legitimately cringe when I hear people share their sex life with others, publicly. Your sex life is your business and your business only. It’s incredibly tacky and low-class to crack sexual jokes about yourself or your partner. No one needs to hear nor wants to hear about your personal sexual business. It makes others uncomfortable and truly should not be shared, especially not at the dinner table.

5. Vices

Vices are immoral or wicked behavior such as greed, lust, and corruption. Talking about these things may seem like an easy go-to topic of conversation, but ultimately it’s cheap and tacky. When we talk about our own immoral behavior or criticize the corruption of others, it creates negative energy in the room. Talking about upsetting things such as vices can totally make others have heavy hearts or feel depressed or down in the dumps.

The last thing any elegant lady wants is to leave others feeling this way. A truly elegant and classy lady’s goal is to be charming and like a breath of fresh air for others. This means not talking about vices at the dinner table.

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6. Life Specifics

Talking about your life specifics or asking others is not appropriate, especially not at the dinner table. This includes questions like “So I heard you were diagnosed with cancer, what stage is it?” or “So now that you two are married when will you try for children?” Some of these questions can seem innocent to the person asking, however, the other person might be going through some challenges they don’t want to share.

It’s best to avoid getting deep while visiting with others. This is because pressing the wrong button on someone or touching a wound of theirs, that you’re unaware of, can ruin their night. Sometimes people are going through hard things we don’t know about and bringing it up can send them in a spiral of sadness or negativity throughout the night.

It’s best to not be nosey and avoid asking about health or touchy life specifics. Allow others to share what they’d like with you, but never pry or ask in-depth questions about these topics.

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7. Gossip

One of the most crucial topics you should never bring up at the dinner table is gossip. Gossip is when someone repeats stories about other people. It’s a false sense of connection between two people because it feels like the gossiper is trusting the person they are telling the story to, which establishes a sense of closeness and connection. However, gossiping about others or sharing personal information about others is tacky and not even the slightest bit classy.

Not only that, but if someone is gossiping to you, that usually means they will gossip about you. You want to avoid having this be a part of your personal brand. Your personal brand is the way the world perceives you, and if you are known as a gossiper, well let’s just say it’s not cute, nor elegant.

Now you know the top 7 topics you should never bring up at the dinner table. Ensure that you instill these in your brain and think of more healthy, positive topics you can bring up as a go-to when you run out of things to talk about with someone.

cheers, alyssa

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