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How to Think Like a Queen


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Here are some of the best tips you can begin implementing today to think like a queen. Thinking like a queen is the first step to actually acting like a queen. In order for you to take action like a queen would, you must adopt the mindset and thinking habits that this type of lady would embody.

By adopting this mindset and starting to think like a queen, you’ll begin to notice yourself flourishing into the woman you were made to be. You’ll start evolving into a strong and confident lady who practices what she preaches and truly walks the walk.

Ways to Think Like a Queen:

Redefine Failure

Think like a queen. A queen is not afraid to fail. Failure is another steppingstone to greatness.
– Oprah Winfrey

A queen is not afraid to fail. She is not afraid of making a mistake or take a risk. She knows that the only way to progress is to try, and with trying anything comes the possibility of failing. A queen knows that even if she fails at something, she still gave it her all. She’s confident in herself and knows that this failure does not define her entire being. She has evidence that often times failing gives us an opportunity to learn and grow so we can be better next time.

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Be Humble

 If you are humble nothing will touch you, neither praise nor disgrace, because you know what you are.”
— Mother Teresa.

A queen is always humble. She does not boast or brag whether it be about her family, herself, her income, her husband’s income, her children’s accomplishments, etc. A queen has a mysterious aura and prestigious energy that speaks for itself. In other words, she lets others observe her life and see it’s glory for themselves, without needed to tell them about it. When we remain humble and do not focus on making ourselves “look good” to others, we instantly become more interesting and attractive. Being humble is not about thinking less of yourself, it’s about thinking of yourself less. It’s about putting others first and being more interested in learning about them, rather than sharing about yourself.

Lead By Example

If you want to think like a queen, you need to imagine that all eyes are always on you. You need to lead by example, whether you’re in public or behind closed doors. If you imagine the actual Queen, you can imagine that someone is watching her at all times to ensure her safety. This means even down to the way she showers, someone is always standing by guarding her, and essentially watching her.

This might not be your case, but you should at least act like it is. If you want to be treated like a queen, you must think the thoughts a queen would as well as act like a queen. This means displaying proper etiquette and manners at all times. It means having grace and class in all that you do. You must lead by example to truly embody queen energy and radiate it outwards.

Plus, you never know who is actually watching you. Someone might see you across the room while in public and be awed by your gilded presence. They might approach you with an intriguing opportunity. Or rather your children are usually always watching you. The way you lead by example will continue to impact yourself and the way you think of yourself, but it will also impact those around you and inspire them to be better and do better.

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Know Your Worth

In order to be a queen, you must always know your worth. A queen is not easily offended or bothered. She knows who she is and is confident in what she represents and values. No one can tear down a queen because no matter what anyone says or thinks about her, she knows her worth and is not easily fazed. She knows what she deserves and is capable of, and rests assured in that certainty.

A true queen stands up for herself gracefully and with tact. She is patient, observant and displays class and elegance in all that she does. She does not settle for less than she deserves.

Choose What You Represent

A key factor you must realize if you want to act like a queen is to be aware that you get to choose what you represent. Ultimately, a queen can do whatever she wants. She is not told what to do. A queen gets to choose whether she wants to represent a higher standard and ideal for herself, her family, her social circle and society.

It’s a choice that you get to make everyday when you wake up. You get to choose if you want to be a queen today. You’re the one who gets to choose the thoughts you think, the words you speak and the gestures you make. You get to decide what you stand for and what you portray to the world. A true queen knows that this choice is hers to make and she always chooses wisely and strategically.

cheers, alyssa

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