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5 Spring Decor Ideas for a Bright and Happy Home


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Looking for spring decor ideas that will brighten your home and give it a fresh and happy vibe? Here are some easy to implement decor ideas that will surely lift up spirits at home this spring.

Do you every feel like your home is just feeling a little blah? Maybe a bit stale and “grey.” Sometimes a quick refresh of decor is all the home needs to revive it and brighten it up a bit. I mean, a deep, spring clean always helps too.

However, in my personal opinion, I think decorating for spring is so fun. Christmas decor is great and all, but when it’s out for too long it can tend to feel very cluttered. I find myself putting A LOT away just to have some breathing room once the Christmas decor is away.

When spring comes around, I’m ready to add some color and life to my space. Flowers, plants, fruits, all of these things add an alive and brighter feeling to any room. I’m sharing with you some great spring decor ideas for a bright and happy home!

This post is all about spring decor ideas.

Best Spring Decor Ideas:

1. Add Fresh Flowers

Ok, so fresh flowers isn’t just one of the best spring decor ideas, but it’s honestly appropriate year round in my opinion. However, the TYPE of flowers is what is so fun about spring! Sunflowers, Daisies, Tulips and Peonies to name a few.

During the spring time, these flowers are at fresh bloom and bursting with fresh beauty and beautiful colors and aromas. If you live in the U.S. one of the best places to buy fresh flowers is Trader Joes, as they are always so fresh and super affordable!

Feel free to put fresh flowers in your kitchen, living room, office, even in bedrooms! They make a gorgeous, welcoming touch in a guest bedroom when having visitors as well.

One of my best secrets is is to buy just one bouquet, and split the stems up around the house into smaller vases as shown in the image above!

2. More Citrus Fruits

This is one of the more practical spring decor ideas. Load up on citrus fruits like lemons, limes, and oranges. Take them out of the fridge or pantry and display them in a pretty bowl on your kitchen counter or island. This is a great time to use them as decoration since their pretty colors and fresh scents are definitely bright and happy enough for display!

3. Fresh, Light Pillows

If your sofa, chairs, or beds need a bit of a refresh, try adding some fresh, light pillows! I recommend materials like fine cotton or linen during the spring and summer months. I would steer clear of any thick velvet, fur, or flannel as these textures tend to be very heavy, warm, and wintery.

Adding new, fresh pillows can do more than you’d think to space or seating area. They are such a versatile way to experiment and have fun with colors, textures, and patterns without having to commit to anything permanent.

4. Add More Greenery

potted plant on wooden surface in kitchen

You really can never go wrong with adding more greenery to your home. Plus, there are many health benefits to having live plants in your home. Several indoor plans actually help to reduce toxins in the air like formaldehyde and carbon monoxide. So clean your air and all the toxins floating around in it by adding a few air purifying plants!

Here is an article by Country Living with some of the top indoor air purifying plants and how to care for them.

5. Update Old Photos

Something that I think many of us tend to forget to do is to update old photos in our home. We have kids graduating college and we still have tons of photos up in the hallway of when they were 7 years old at the swimming pool. I recommend keeping some of course, but all? I think you can store some in an album and call it a day.

Update photos of your friends and family around your home, from recent events, milestones, and trips you’ve taken. If you don’t have an updated photo with your honey, TAKE ONE! It can be a fun date experience to dress up and take a nice photo by the water before dinner, or even hire a professional photographer to capture some really good ones.

It’s a good idea to take professional photos of you and your family every 5-10 years or whatever works for you. It’s a nice way to capture how everyone is growing and changing over the years. Also, it keeps your picture frames updates and with the times. No one wants to see a bunch of mullet photos on the wall in the hallway on the way to the bathroom! LOL!

This post was all about spring decor ideas!

cheers, alyssa

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