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11 Simple Decor Ideas To Make Your Master Bedroom More Luxurious


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Looking for the best, simple decor ideas to make your master bedroom more luxurious and relaxing? This post is all simple decor ideas!

Let’s be honest, we all drool over the stunning master ~suites~ we see on HGTV, and in catalogs for our favorite stores like RH, Arhaus, and Pottery Barn. These perfectly curated bedrooms look so luxurious and relaxing, we swear we could just snuggle up with a nice book and fall asleep for weeks, waking up feeling refreshed and ready to conquer our day. These tranquil and peaceful spaces aren’t as hard to achieve as you’d think.

I’ve put a lot of time and energy into observing different designs and trying to pinpoint some of the key elements that make these spaces feel so beautiful and desirable. I’ve also had LOTS of trial and error in my own bedroom, trying to add different pieces, textures and textiles to curate the “vibe” I want in my master bedroom.

For most people, the master bedroom is the place we want to be our main safe haven in the house. Whether we want to put on a soothing face mask, sit in our bed watching Real Housewives while sipping tea, or we want to run from everyone else in the house and cry and hide under the covers. The master bedroom should be a place for rest. Somewhere we go to rejuvenate, and feel safe and calm, and peaceful tranquility.

If you want your master bedroom to be the best room in the house, there are some really simple elements you can incorporate to make it more functional and beautiful. It’s time for you to have the cozy and curated space you deserve.

This post is all about simple decor ideas.

Best Simple Decor Ideas:

Everyone Needs A Large Floor Mirror

First things first, if you don’t already have a large floor mirror, GET ONE. Not only does this help to open up the space and make the room look bigger, but c’mon, girl. Everyone needs a mirror to be able to see their outfit before stepping foot outside of the house!

In my opinion, there’s just something about oversized mirrors that make me feel so glam and boujee. Like I just love to look at my outfits and snap a cute photo when I’m feelin myself. You should try it. This is a super simple and easy simple decor idea to add a confidence booster to the space.

Another good thing about mirrors is that they reflect lots of light and do a great job at brightening up a space. You’ve got to be strategic of where you place it, especially if you want to be able to take bomb mirror pics. When placing it, try to place it so when you are standing in front of the mirror the natural light from windows is shining AT you.

there are so many different styles.

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Mirrors Above the Nightstands

This is a super popular trend that a lot of designers are using in bedrooms. Mirrors on each side of the bed above the night stand. This creates a beautiful sense of balance and symmetry in the space. Not to mention, when the bedside lamps are on, the warm glowing light is reflected in the mirror creating a super cozy vibe.

This is something you can use to really liven up the space. If you get fun, uniquely shaped mirrors it can add a really cool style to the room and brighten it up.

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Get a Large Rug

Okay, this is of the most basic, but highly overlooked simple decor ideas. Get a large enough rug! It is every interior designers worst nightmare to see a space with too small of a rug. Don’t get me wrong, too big of a rug looks weird too, but this is much more rare.

Choosing the correct size rug for your bed size and room size, is VITAL to a luxurious space. The rug helps to anchor the bed, again creating a sense of balance and wholeness. It’s also an extra layer, which is one of the most important simple decor ideas. The more layers the better. (We’ll touch on this later!)

Here is a simple guide to choosing the correct rug size based on your bed size:

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Choose a Relaxing Color Scheme

An important, but super simple decor idea is choosing the color scheme or “palette” for your master bedroom. You may know this, but there are actually psychological effects of different colors and the way they make you feel. In this post, I talk about where I go to find a color palette that goes well together.

Below is a chart to help you identify how you want your master bedroom to make you feel and which colors to incorporate to do this.

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Layer It Up!

As I mentioned before, in most decor situations, the more layers the better. This is not to be confused with clutter or items. However with you think of layers, think of floor to ceiling and everything in between.

Typical “layers” in a room include rugs, furniture, wall decor, curtains, chandeliers, textiles such as throw blankets and pillows, etc. A fully layered room always looks fully tied together. Imagine walking into a bedroom with only a bed and nothing on it. It would feel so bare. As you add each layer in, the room starts to feel more and more whole and put together, as shown in the photo below.

In addition, most beds you see in stores like Pottery Barn, look so amazingly beautiful because they legit have 1000 layers, as shown in the image below. They usually have a fitted sheet, flat sheet, coverlet, two duvet covers, throw blankets at the foot, and a crap ton of pillows. If we’re being honest, this is a little extreme… Even though it looks incredibly comfy and cozy, no one has time to spend 6 hours making their bed every day.

However, you can still layer your bed to make it look full and “layered.” I recommend folding your duvet cover back one to create a fold at the top of your bed in front of the pillows. This is an easy way to add an extra fold/layer. I also recommend adding a throw blanket or two at the foot of the bed. This is another easy way to add an extra layer.

All in all, think of all the different layers that can be added to your space and try to incorporate them into your design for a more finished look.

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Yes, Add More Pillows

Honestly, whether your husband likes it or not, lots of pillows look freakin bomb and I’m sorry but he’ll just have to deal if he wants a nice-looking home. Pillows add so much to any space, whether it’s a bedroom, a sofa, a bench,s or wherever.

Pillows are a fun and easy way to incorporate cool colors, patterns, and textures. They’re great too because you don’t have to make a huge commitment since they’re easily interchangeable. This is also great for the different seasons throughout the year. I always recommend using down inserts over cotton filled. Down just sits better and looks much more luxurious.

PRO TIP #1: If you find pillows on super sale that have down inserts but the cover is hideous, buy them anyway just so you can use the down insert for a different pillow cover! I’ve found them at HomeGoods before for as cheap as $5!

PRO TIP #2: For a more full look, get the pillow insert one size above the pillow cover size. For example, if you have 24×24 Euro shams, get 26×26 down inserts.

shop pillows

Have Fun With Patterns

Don’t be afraid to have fun with patterns in your bedroom. This simple decor idea will help you incorporate more of YOU into your design. If you’re a wild spirit by nature, add some pops of cheetah print or whatever patterns you love.

Your room should reflect you, and make you feel at home when you’re in it. It should inspire you and rejuvenate you. Don’t be afraid to get a funky rug or throw pillows if you want to be able to change them easier. Add some life to the room, and sprinkle in your own unique touch through patterns.

Add Dimension With an Accent Wall

If your room is lacking some character or dimension, you can’t go wrong with adding a cool accent wall to draw the eye and create a focal point in the room. Another really cool way to have fun with this is by using wallpaper for your accent wall. This can add color, texture or a cool pattern to the space to really liven up the room.

Try looking up “bedroom accent walls” on Pinterest for inspiration!

Add A Fireplace

Is there really anything more luxurious than a fireplace in a bedroom? I mean c’mon. How stinkin cute and cozy!? According to Google, the average cost to add a built-in fireplace into your bedroom is around $2,500. If you have that type of change, I say GO FOR IT.

But if you don’t, don’t sweat it! There are alternatives! There’s one alternative that will cost you much less, and then there’s another alternative that will cost you well… ZERO DOLLARS!

So the first option is to purchase a free standing fireplace from Pottery Barn or Home Depot or a local fireplace store. I’ve listed some good options below.

The free option is not as effective because it won’t put off any heat, but hey it gets the job done. If you have a smart TV in your bedroom, go to Youtube and search “Fireplace” and there are legit realistic fireplace videos with the crackling sounds and everything. LOL! I am literally OBSESSED with doing this. It’s a great alternative if you can’t get a fireplace whether you live in an apartment or whatever the reason may be.

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Add Some Personalization

Ok this is a pretty simple decor idea, but one that is often forgotten about. It is SO cute to add some personalization to your master bedroom. Print out some cute photos of you two on Shutterfly and put them in cute frames above your bed. Or find some custom art on Etsy. Get custom sheets or pillows, or customize a sign with your wedding vows.

Try to find things that add more of you and your partner’s personalities to the space. This will remind you of your guys’ love for each other and your relationship, making you feel warm and cozy again.

shop personalization

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Add Some Life (Greenery)

This applies to literally every room in your house. Add some greenery! Plants always add a nice pop or color and life to the space. They also sprinkle in a nice earthy and natural element as well. If you’ve got it in you, try real plants. There are tons of beautiful real plants that purify the air and help keep you healthy. However, if you’re anything like me, stick to the faux plants…

Below are some awesome faux plants you can get for your master bedroom. You can get a small piece for your night stand, or add a plant to a shelf that hangs over and has long stems. You can add a big vase with branches to your dresser. Or even a tree in a basket or a cute pot. Have fun with your plants, they’ll surely add a homey, luxurious and relaxing vibe to your room!

shop greenery

This post was all about the best simple decor ideas!

cheers, alyssa

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