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Pregnancy To-Do List: How to Prepare for Baby for First Time Moms


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Are you a first time mom, looking for the best pregnancy to-do list to prepare for your baby’s arrival? Look no further! This week by week pregnancy checklist printable is the most simplified version of everything you need to do to prepare for your baby.

Best Pregnancy To-Do List:

If you’re newly pregnant and feeling overwhelmed by the lack of knowledge that goes into preparing for a baby, then this pregnancy checklist printable will be your lifesaver!

While it’s so exciting to think about bringing a baby into the world, with your hormones and emotions and all of the crazy pregnancy symptoms that you might feel, it can be tough to know and remember exactly what to do and when to do it. That’s why this pregnancy checklist week by week will be your guide throughout the next three trimesters.

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Whether you’re in your first trimester or not, this will help you get organized and stay on track throughout your pregnancy as you prepare for your baby’s arrival.

Please keep in mind that this specific pregnancy to-do list is not the only way to do things. It’s just the way I personally did things. This is the exact checklist I used throughout my pregnancy, and it worked like a charm. I developed it through researching and compiling other preparing for baby arrival checklist. I also spoke to experienced moms and gathered their advice for when to do things.

pregnancy checklist

Don’t allow yourself to get overwhelmed and if you didn’t do something in the exact week it was listed. Try to give yourself some grace and just try to catch up when you can. You can prioritize the items on this pregnancy checklist printable as you see fit as well

This post was all about pregnancy checklist!

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