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Gratitude: 5 Important Things We Often Take for Granted


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What are you grateful for? This year has thrown us many curveballs, twists and turns, and maybe even a few punches. There have been countless challenges and obstacles thrown in everyone’s way. The social, political and public health climate has been an absolute struggle, and I know mental health and happiness have taken quite the toll.

There have been countless research studies that have successfully proven the positive health benefits of practicing gratitude and focusing on what IS versus what is not.

I’ve found it to be so beneficial to write down 5 things I’m grateful for each morning while I have my coffee prior to getting the day started. This really helps you write down and focus more on what things in your life are going right and are making you feel loved. It helps cultivate more joy, and is so beneficial especially in a time where it can be very difficult to feel joy if you aren’t intentionally trying to find things to be joyful about.

This Thanksgiving, I hope you reflect on the many blessings you still have, even amidst all of the chaos and insanity around us. There are still things to find joy in and be grateful for. Here are a few to get you started:

Your Loved Ones

It helps to think about your loved ones, friends and family, those who you have missed traveling to see and maybe aren’t getting to gather with this holiday. The ones you’ve called crying when you felt like 2020 was caving in on you, or those who sent you something in the mail to brighten your day because you two couldn’t get together due to the state of the world right now.

Think of the people in your life who make you laugh and smile. Those you warm your heart and make you feel loved and wanted. Those are your people. Those are the ones you should go the extra mile for today to remind them how grateful you are for your relationship together.

Advanced Technology

Things like FaceTime, Zoom, Amazon Prime. The advanced technology that we’ve had access to during this challenging time has honestly helped with the transition into this new normal. Virtual weddings, bridal showers, families having to FaceTime to see babies getting born. Many small businesses were able to utilize online platforms to equip employees to continue working at home to keep the business afloat. The technology we have access to today is insane, and has truly been a blessing during this adjustment.

Access to Resources

While times are definitely challenging, it’s beyond important to understand the reality of living in this country and having access to so much. Even in a crisis, we still have food, water, healthcare, and so much more. If you think back to historical pandemics and depressions, they didn’t have Amazon Prime or Netflix to keep them occupied when quarantined.

We have so many resources to entertain us, keep us healthy, keep us sane (like virtual counseling), and help us learn and grow and be better each day. Just simply having access to these, the ability to obtain them, is such a blessing in itself.

Good People in the World

This year has been packed with divisiveness, hate, and anger. HOWEVER, we cannot forget to see the good people who still remain. Rather, being able to see the good in everyone takes it a step further. But if you start with just recognizing that there are good people in the world. The person who held the door for you at the store, or the woman knitting scarves for the homeless this winter. Maybe your boss fought to help his employees keep their jobs during this crisis. There are still so many good people in this world, spreading love and shining light. We cannot let any hate or anger make us blind to what really is.

A Cozy Home

Something I am grateful for every single day is my cozy home. To be able to have a safe and warm place to rest is not something I take for granted, because I know not everyone is fortunate enough to have one. A home to gather and entertain friends and family, a home to snuggle on the couch and watch a movie in. A home to cook my family a meal in.

This year has forced us to spend a lot more time in our homes, and I truly think that was meant to be. One of my favorite quotes is:

If you want to change the world, go home and love your family.

Mother theresa

I couldn’t agree more. If you want to spread more love and light and warmth on the world, it starts in your home. This is what ultimately makes a home cozy and inviting, is the vibe and the energy inside of it. We all want people to feel warm and fuzzy in our homes, and it truly starts with just spreading love and joy within your own space, not just in the decorations. I hope today you rest in your home and feel gratitude for the warmth and safety it’s given you this year.

Gratitude is one of the most powerful tools you can use to be happy, feel joy, and combat depression and anxiety. When you focus on all of your blessings and truly feel grateful for them deep down, you will notice a positive change in your soul. When you start treating these things like you are grateful for them and as the gifts they are, you will truly feel more alive and fulfilled. Gratitude turns what we have into more than enough and helps us live more in the present and enjoy it while we’re there.

I hope you have an amazing Thanksgiving today, whether you are spending it with yourself, with only a few people, or virtually. I hope you reflect on all of the blessings this year has still brought, aside from the chaos. When we focus on the good, the good only gets better.

Let us know in the comments below what you’re grateful for this year!

cheers, alyssa

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