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15 Graduation Party Ideas Your Graduate and Guests Will Absolutely Love


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Looking for some awesome graduation party ideas that are unique and awesome? Here are some fun ways to throw a party that everyone will surely remember and that your graduate will thank you for!

Between the food, decorations, guest list, and activities, planning a graduation party can be overwhelming. This post is packed with tons of ideas and tips to make your graduation party planning process a complete breeze!

I’ve put together the best graduation party theme ideas, food ideas, activities, and more. I’ve also included a free printable graduation party planner, a free graduation party school photo banner printable, and free printable graduation party activities.

I am one who likes to take party planning to the next level. I really believe that a well put together party really enhances the overall experience, along with the good people and good vibes. That’s why I’m sharing with you some awesome ideas so you can throw a memorable party that both your graduate and your guests will absolutely love! 

This post is all about graduation party.

Best Graduation Party Ideas:

1. Graduation Party Theme Ideas

This boho graduation party theme is so unique and so cute! It’s such a cool, chill vibe for any free spirited graduate. You can have some awesome music and good appetizers to go hand in hand with this theme! I think this one is super cute and really unique and fun. Also, the graduate can wear a super cute boho outfit to go with the theme, since boho vibes are super “in” lately!

You can click the button to shop the graduation party supplies needed to throw the perfect boho bash!

This Positano, Italian themed graduation party is also super cute and unique! You can make limoncello and serve cannolis! There are lots of fun ways you can enhance this theme to make it fit any party really, but for a summer graduation party, I think this theme is amazing! To shop all of the graduation party supplies for this link, just click the button above!

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2. Graduation Party Decor Ideas

Graduation Hat Card Box

This graduation hat card box is the CUTEST idea ever! You can also totally DIY this like we did in the photo on the left. If you’re low on time, you can also just buy one (photo on the right). I think it’s such a cute way to incorporate the whole grad hat vibe in a super cute and creative way! You can also use your grad’s real tassel if you have it for a nice personalized touch!

We made this for a graduation party for my boyfriend and he ended up keeping it for many years in his college dorm room! It was up at his high school graduation party, and we cut out his school mascot logo and pasted photos of him in high school all over it with his name. It was easy to make, and a fun way to showcase his growth throughout high school. And also, as mentioned, he absolutely loved it! 

Floating Balloon Fairy Lights

These floating fairy lights are SO stinking cute! They are super lightweight so you can wrap them around the balloon strings for a really elevated and amazing look. These would be cute near a photo booth area or near a really cute food bar or dessert table!

Graduation Cap Tassel Banner

These sparkly graduation hats with tassels are adorable and super cool because they’re 3D. I think adding the extra dimension versus a flat 2D banner is a really cute and unique touch! These are cute across a mantle or around a fun dessert table or even near a card table area.

Printable School Photo Banner

If you’ve ever been to a graduation party, you’ll definitely agree that seeing the evolution of the graduate from kindergarten through senior year is so freakin cool! (And usually pretty funny!) This free printable 5×7 banner is all yours to print out, cut out, and paste your grad’s photos throughout all their years leading up to the big moment of graduation. You can either tape them onto something or use a hole punch to punch holes and weave a string through to hang it up. 

Sparkle Grad Cap Straws

These straws are so cute and festive, and such a cute touch! You can either set them in a jar next to the drink station or you can put them in empty cups spread out for guests to grab and fill with a drink of choice. Either way, they’re a really cute and easy touch to your overall decor setup.

Class Year Vase Cutouts

These vase cutouts are so cute and a great way to spice up any DIY centerpieces. You can easily find mason jars (already painted or paint them yourself) and fill them with flowers and add these to them and call it a day. My favorite place to go for flowers is Trader Joes. The flowers are super fresh and always so beautiful and very affordable!

Decorating for a graduation party doesn’t need to be expensive, it just needs to be intentional and well though out to really make an impact and have a wow factor.

3. Graduation Party Food Ideas

Cookie Bar

This cookie bar is such a unique and fun way to style a dessert area for your graduation party. You can ask a few people to bring different homemade baked cookies, or you can order them from a local baker. It’s also super cute if you put glass milk jugs in a galvanized tub filled with ice for a milk and cookies station. Love this idea, super cute and will surely be a big hit!

Taco Bar

This taco bar is such an adorable way to serve dinner to the guests at your graduation party! You can totally either make everything from scratch or you can purchase it all at a grocery store or from a restaurant. As you can see in the photo, the cute containers, signs, and flowers add to the overall look and really tie the whole taco bar together. 

Popcorn Bar

Super easy and super affordable! This popcorn bar is such a cute and easy DIY that can be done no problem. It’s also super fun and unique idea. You can get or make popcorn and add all the different toppings. Also, you can get themed bags or paper cones to fill with popcorn. Love this vibe!

Diploma Cookies

Ok I just think these diploma cookies are so stinkin cute and very on-brand with the whole graduation party vibe, obviously! Another super easy thing to buy from a grocery store, tie some ribbon on them, write the sign and call it a day. So simple, yet such a cute touch!

Dessert Bar

Ok so this is a bit intense, but I’m all for going big, especially when it comes to dessert. If you’re into it, I think this dessert bar table would be a massive hit at any party, but especially a graduation party with a ton of kids and teens roamin around. You can have a large variety of different sweets and flavors, so there’s something for everyone!

4. Fun Graduation Party Activities

Let’s be honest, every party that has cheesy printout games is always 100x better than those without. These games and fill ins are always super fun to read during the party, and especially afterwards!

Plus, they make a great memory to stick into a scrapbook to look back at years down the road.

Below are two super fun graduation party activities that you can print out for free and scatter along guests tables or set near the card box, asking guests to fill them out before they leave!

This post was all about graduation party!

cheers, alyssa

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