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DIY Home Projects: 7 Easy Ways to Upgrade Your Home


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Looking for some simple DIY Home Projects that are easy to do and will elevate and upgrade your home? These projects are inexpensive, and do not require a lot of skill to complete in your home.

It can be challenging to keep up with home trends and upgrades. Especially as some trends seem to change overnight. Not only can it be difficult, but it can be expensive af.

However, there are some really simple, DIY Home Projects that you can do yourself around your home, that will totally elevate and upgrade your space. These projects are inexpensive, easy to do, and will definitely make your home look more appealing and feel more welcoming and inviting.

Most DIY Home Projects are not things that require extensive training or skill level. They are usually very cosmetic and will not put you at any harm if they are not perfect. I definitely don’t recommend doing any DIY electrical wiring, plumbing, or anything involving structural components of your home. You should always consult a professional for those things.

Best DIY Home Projects:

1. Repaint!

I know that there were a few other things done to this room like new flooring. However, look at the difference the paint made! You can see the difference in the walls, trim, fireplace, and brick. All of these have new paint and it completely changes the whole look of the room.

You can click here to read this post to see some of my top paint recommendations!

Something to consider when painting, is the quality of the paint and equipment you buy. The quality of the paint brushes and rollers makes a difference. Here are the top three paintbrushes for DIY Home Projects:

Best for Walls – Purdy XL Series Swan Enamel/Wall Paint Brush, 4 inch

Best for Detail Work – Purdy XL Elite Dale Sash Paint Brush, 1-1/2 inch

For Edges – Wooster Brush – 2 Shortcut Angle Sash Paintbrush, 2-Inch – Pack of 3

The bristles on paintbrushes usually come in two different types: natural and synthetic. Natural bristles are usually recommended for oil-based paints. Synthetic bristles are usually best for water-based paints

2. Board and Batter

Board and batter is a really simple and inviting look for any space. It looks great in an entry way, dining room, and even hallways. It’s super easy to put up, and very inexpensive. If painted white, this is a great way to brighten up a space and give it an upgraded and fresh feel.

Some of our favorite Youtubers who do easy, affordable DIY Home Projects are Shanty2Chic and Ana White.

3. Add Trim

It’s pretty simple to add trim around doors, windows, adding thicker baseboards and crown molding on the ceiling. Doing this, upgrades and elevates the space by adding character and dimension. You can see in the image above the difference in the style of the two doors, just by adding the trim.

Over the years, it can be very beneficial to repaint trim a bright white color. Some of my top recommendations for a good white paint for trim and ceilings can be found in this post.

4. Upgrade the Bathroom

What does a bathroom mean to you? Usually it’s a place people to to do the obvious yes. but it’s also a place that is a private space in a home. It is also a place for rest, and to freshen up and rejuvenate. A bathroom should not be dreary and depressing. A bright, clean and upgraded bathroom can make a big difference to your guests as well as for you.

It’s important to know that it doesn’t take a lot to upgrade a bathroom. You certainly can remodel it, which is great but can be quite expensive. However, painting it, wallpapering it, changing decor, adding floating shelves are all things that are super inexpensive and can totally change the vibe and feel of the space.

5. Update the Kitchen

This image alone says a lot about the power of a kitchen upgrade. Kitchens truly are the heart of the home, and they should be treated that way. Not all kitchen upgrades have to be $80,000. You can simply repaint cabinets, add hardware, repaint, add some new decor. Most granite places offer the remnants of pieces of stone that you can buy for much more affordable prices. However, these are usually best for smaller projects.

All in all though, your kitchen should be elevated, functional, warm and inviting if you want to upgrade your home and make it look and feel better overall.

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6. Add Landscaping

One of the most important DIY Home Projects might be the landscaping. Partially because it’s the outside of your home which is everyones first impression of your home. Landscaping does not have to be complicated. You can either hire a professional, or you can easily do it yourself for much cheaper.

Stay tuned for a post on the easy way to layout the design of your landscaping.

Proper edging, for example, makes a huge difference. This not only makes your yard look beautiful and manicured, but it helps with keeping the dirt and mulch in place, maintaining weeds, etc. Here is a super helpful guide on how to edge your lawn properly.

Also, to find plants, head to a local plant nursery. Usually, when we go we always grab a bunch and arrange them at the nursery just on the floor to try to get an idea of how they will look in your yard. Before going, I’d recommend taking pictures and measurements of the spaces that need plants and flowers so you have them as a reference.

7. Open Up the Space

This might be one of the DIY Home Projects where you may need to consult a professional, especially if you’re just a beginner. Although, it is SUPER important to open up the spaces in your home.

A more open home is so much more welcoming and inviting. Nowadays, closed-off rooms can give off a very private and isolated vibe. Keep in mind too, that opening up a space doesn’t mean knocking down every single wall. As seen in the photo above, even just widening a narrow doorway will make the room much more inviting and let it a lot more light and fresh airiness.

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This post was all about DIY Home Projects.

cheers, alyssa

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