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Decorating Walls: 5 Ways to Style A Big Blank Wall


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Looking for the best tips for decorating walls that are plain and boring in your home? This post is all about decorating walls!

Let’s be honest, we all have at least one wall in our house that we just don’t know what the heck to do with. Maybe you have many. There’s a slight art to making your home feel cozy and cute, without making it feel overwhelming and cluttered or empty and bare. A lot of of that has to do with the way you decorate the walls.

I’ve always enjoyed putting stuff on walls. Not only is using a hammer really fun, but I find so much satisfaction in standing back and observing the beauty of whatever pieces are being displayed on the wall.

I’ve definitely had my trial and error with putting far too much on walls, as well as not enough at all. I’ve also done lots of research and observing in seeing unique ways to add decor to a wall that aren’t just one simple, boring picture.

If you have walls in your home that are plain, boing and in need of a whole lot of love, here are some of the best tips for decorating walls and adding some style and pizazz to your space.

This post is all about decorating walls.

Best Tips for Decorating Walls:

Gallery Walls

As you know, gallery walls are a really popular way of decorating walls in any space. Whether it’s a living room, hallway, office, bedroom, or anywhere, you can never go wrong with a good old gallery wall.

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These are great if you can’t decide on just one focal piece. They also help to tell a store. In the image below, imagine the gallery wall was telling the story. For example, a story about a couple who met in Ireland and fell in love there and ended up getting married. There are many different images, and ways of telling this story all in one piece.

If you want to do a gallery wall in your home, I recommend taking it to the next level to tell a story through the arrangement. You will absolutely love it once it’s done, I promise. It’s like a scrapbook on a wall, does it get much cooler than that?

When it comes to decorating walls, there’s really no right or wrong answer. Don’t think that the only gallery walls you can do are those above your sofa. You can put a gallery wall on a plain wall or even above a sideboard or table. For a simpler look, use the same sized frames, aligning them perfectly, to allow the images to do the talking.

This is really just personal preference and what it is you’re trying to achieve with the photo arrangement. Try to ask yourself what message you want to get across with the arrangement.

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This ledge shelf with photos on it is such a cool and unique way to display art or photos. It’s a fun way of decorating walls with very minimal space taken. This would be a great solution for a narrow entryway or hallway. You can still add flat plants and other decorative accessories to add texture and variety. However, because the shelf is not sticking out far, it is a very lightweight and minimalistic look.

shop shelves

What’s really cool about this fun shelving arrangement above this sofa is the hanging plants. Adding hanging things adds visual interest to the situation, which is great, especially when using similar frames with white matting.

Simplistic frames are great, however sometimes they can be a little too boring in my opinion. Adding a small touch like these small hanging plants is a great way to add a pop of life and interest to this simple, yet timeless look.

Unique Wall Decor Ideas

Say goodbye to boring entryways and mudrooms. This is a super cute and simple way to add both LOTS of style AND function to an entryway area. What’s great too, is it barely takes up any room. The color on the bottom half of the wall and the patterned wallpaper are great ways to add excitement and style to this space.

To take it a step further, the hanging basket with plants adds texture and dimension to the wall. Imagine what this wall looked like before. It was probably just a plain white wall. So much life and value was added to this space in such a brilliant way!

Here’s another idea for a plain wall in an entry way, but it’s a bit less space saving. However, if you have the space, by all means use it. This table and mirror with books, plants, lamps and baskets is so airy, natural and beautiful. The entire arrangement creates a sense of balance and a down the earth feel. What better of a vibe to set for guests who enter your home?

First impressions are important! If you have a plain wall in your entryway, I highly recommend you search “how to style an entryway” on Pinterest asap!

If you feel like all you keep decorating walls with just frames and art, here’s a really cool and simple alternative. First of all, you can totally DIY shelves like these (click here)! Second, how cute are these plants!

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This idea would be great in a bathroom, or near a big window where these plants can get lots of light. This is such a fun and easy idea for decorating walls without having to keep using frames and photos like everywhere else.

PS. If you really want to achieve this look but don’t have a spot with lots of light, you can do faux plants and as long as you get good ones (non-plasticy, shiny looking ones) no on will ever know! (I promise wont tell!)

shop plants

This post was all about decorating walls.

cheers, alyssa

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