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Ultimate Styling Guide: The Best Way to Decorate a Nightstand


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Looking for a simple guide on how to decorate a nightstand? Here is a step by step styling guide that will break it down for you!

In most rooms, the bed is the main focal point. Which is why it’s super important to have cohesive and beautifully decorated nightstands. The night stands are a great way to add some style, decor and interest to the space. More importantly, though, they can be used to help create a sense of balance and symmetry.

In addition to a beautifully decorated nightstand, they also serve a pretty important function in a bedroom. We all have things we like to keep in our nightstands, books, reading glasses, eye cream, etc. It’s important to keep your nightstand functional and convenient as well as styled nicely. I’m breaking this all down for you in this post. The simple way to style a nightstand so it adds beauty to space and improves your life by staying functional.

This post is all about how to decorate a nightstand.

Best tips to decorate a nightstand:

Keep it clean and simple

When brainstorming how to decorate your nightstand, I highly recommend keeping it clean and simple. You don’t want it to feel cluttered or distracting. Whenever I decorate bedrooms, I really try to imagine the feeling I’m trying to create before bed.

For example, before bed, you want to try to create a space that puts your mind at ease. They promotes rest, simplicity, tranquility. An overwhelming, messy and cluttered nightstand will definitely NOT help you achieve that.

By keeping your nightstand clean and simple, and limiting it to just a few decorations, you’re able to declutter and create an environment that helps your mind slow down before bed, not stresses it out.

As you can see in the image above, very few different colors are used. This helps create the simple and clean look, while still allowing for some decor. If you use decorative items in the same color family, it will create that cohesive and toned down look.

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Use varying heights, shapes, and sizes

You can see in the image above, the four different items used and how each one is a different shape, size, and height. you’ll also notice the calming and peaceful artwork in the back of the nightstand, used to create a restful feeling before bed.

Most people like to have lamps on their nightstand for a dim light before bed. I always love using lamps with really slim or glass bases because I feel the look less cluttered with all of the other decor. This is something I always am intentional about when I decorate a nightstand.

You’ll also notice the cute little container in the front. This is great because while it adds style to the space, it also adds function. You can store things like jewelry or knick knacks in a small closed container like this, while still maintaining a clean and decluttered look.

Use a tall backdrop piece

You can see in this set up the tall window piece laying against the wall is a subtle way to add more height to the space without being over powering. I’m a huge fan of using pieces like this to add height, symmetry and balance to each side of a bed.

You can use things like a tall mirror, piece of art, or anything that will add value to the overall look. Since all of the other pieces on the nightstand are arranged in a way that is not very symmetrical, the centered piece in the back does a great job at tying the whole area together, and even better if they have one on the other side of the bed as well!

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Keeping it functional and airy

I know I touched on this previously in this post, but I cannot stress the importance of this. Keeping your nightstand both functional and decluttered and airy is no easy task. It can be easy for us to let stuff pile up and clutter the surfaces. To combat this, everyday when I make my bed, I always also clear off my nightstand of anything that does not belong on it. Also, I’ve added “clean out nightstand drawer” to my monthly cleaning binder, which you can download for free here if you don’t already have it!

It’s important for us to maintain our homes and living spaces and set up schedules and routines to keep things in order and decluttered. The more decluttered and organized your spaces are, I guarantee the more free and calm your life and mind will feel.

Maintaining functionality and airiness are super important. You want to be able to use your nightstand for the purpose of it, otherwise, there is not a point in having one. This is why I’m a huge fan of nightstands with at-least one drawer. Specifically, I love nightstands with one drawer and an open bottom. I think this is the perfect style to keep the bottom open and airy, while still having some storage for the essentials. Let’s be honest, who really needs two drawers full of stuff every night before bed? Unless you’re low on space and you’re using them for other storage, I recommend open bottom nightstands.

This post was all about how to decorate a nightstand!

cheers, alyssa

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