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Ultimate List of Cleaning Products You Need to Keep Your Home Spotless


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Looking for the best cleaning products and tips for maintaining a sparkly clean home? These items will save you tons of time and energy when cleaning your home.

Are you someone who finds cleaning to be a dreadful chore or a therapeutic escape? I have to admit, I’m a little bit of both. Sometimes cleaning can feel like such a headache of a task that needs to be done. Although, there is literally nothing that beats the amazing feeling of a freshly clean home.

Since I’ve moved A LOT of times, I’ve been exposed to a ton of different types of homes, materials, and spaces. Over time, I’ve come to try countless different cleaning products. I’m glad to say I’ve finally been able to hone in on some of my all-time favorite products and tools.

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I’ve done the dirty work for you (pun very much intended), and have compiled a list of the BEST cleaning supplies and tools you need to keep your home sparkly in tip-top shape!

This post is all about cleaning products!

Best Cleaning Products:

Best Tools for Cleaning Floors

I’m OBSESSED with the cordless Dyson vacuums. They are so convenient and easy to use. They may not be ideal for deep vacuuming a large house, because the battery only lasts about 15 minutes until it needs a recharge. However, for our small apartment, it works great. It’s also so easy to use to get into deep cracks and corners because it’s so lightweight, slim, and easy to maneuver.

This steam mop is my favorite because the high temperature of the steam sanitizes your floors and rids them of dirt and germs without having to use harsh chemicals. I usually add a few drops of essential oil to the inside of the mop cloth so that the steam mixes with the aroma to give off a fresh scent when cleaning our floors. This steam mop is so easy to use and I always feel like my floors are squeaky clean afterward. Also, it’s great because there’s no waste since you just wash the mop cloth every time you’re done using it!

If you need to get in the cracks and crevices of tough dirt in the grout of tile floors, these scrubbers will surely do the job.

For a quick dusting of wood floors, this dry Swiffer has a microfiber type cloth that attaches to the head and is great for a super quick dusting of the floor to pick up dog hair and whatnot.

Best Products for Kitchen Counters

If you haven’t tried Mrs. Meyer’s products yet, you don’t know what you’re missing! It’s one of my favorite cleaning products. They are somewhat “clean” (non-toxic). And they smell amazing. I love keeping a bottle of Mrs. Meyer’s handy for quick wiping of the counters after cooking.

I love this Windex Multisurface Spray because it disinfects counters while also adding some shine and ridding them of streaks or films. I always use this stuff when deep cleaning my counters. By deep cleaning, I mean removing all of the items on the counter and wiping them thoroughly while empty.

I usually top it with a few sprites of this granite cleaner, which adds such a beautiful and streak-free shine to stone counters, making them truly sparkle. Once you use this you will be so hesitant to set something on your counter because of how perfectly clean they’ll look!

I always use microfiber cloths when wiping the counter because they are soft and waste-free and also buff out the counter, helping with the shine and streak-free look.

These Lysol Disinfectant Wipes are a great cleaning product to keep on hand because they’re just super quick and easy to use and get rid of the germs. I always wipe the counter down with these after cooking with chicken or anything raw in case any of the juices splashed on the counter.

Best Kitchen Appliance Cleaners

This Invisible Glass Cleaner works great on all glass fronts, whether that be the oven, microwave, or mirrors. I love to use these lint-free cloths as well to make sure dust and lint aren’t being spread around on the glass.

This stainless steel cleaner is great to wipe off fingerprints from stainless steel appliances. These stainless steel wipes are great for quick wipes and small smudges.

This Glass Cook Top Cleaner is great for wiping off the top of your electric stove and getting any hardened or crusted gunk off the top. It makes it super shiny, grease-free, and totally spotless.

These Affresh Dishwasher Cleaning Pods help to maintain your dishwasher and it’s effectiveness. They reduce limescale and mineral build-up that accumulates over time. Simply pop one into your dishwasher every few months and run the dishwasher on a normal cycle.

These Affresh Washing Machine Cleaning Pods are similar to the ones for the dishwasher. They help to remove odor-causing residues and grime that can build up over time in your washing machine. If your clothes sometimes smell mildewy, your washing machine could be in desperate need of a clean cycle using these pods. Also, if your washing machine has a “Cleaning Cycle” use the pods during that. If not, you can run an empty load with the cleaner in it on “heavy.” You want to run this cleaner on a long and large load so it gets a deep clean.

These Affresh Disposal Cleaners are great because they foam up and the bubbles help to reduce any odor-causing bacteria in your garbage disposal and sink drain. If your sink is starting to stink, this might be your solution.

Best Quick Cleaning Products

When you want to do a quick clean and tidy of the house, but don’t have time for a deep clean, these are some of my favorite products I like to use. I LOVE this Swiffer dusting wand. It is so easy and handy and totally picks up a ton of dust. When doing a quick clean, I like to take this duster over all visible surfaces.

These Lysol Disinfectant Wipes are great for wiping down counters, light switches, doorknobs, and any surface really to get off any gunk and sanitize.

You can also do quick sprits and wipe on your counters with Mrs. Meyers since it will make the room smell amazing. It will smell good without smelling too much like chemicals.

These Stainless Steel Wipes are easy and convenient to add a quick shine to any stainless steel in your home and remove fingerprints or smudges.

For floors, I love to use the Dry Swiffer to dust floors and pick up dog hair and dust. I also love to use the Cordless Dyson to go over floors, rugs, and even furniture like the sofa.

Best Bathroom Shower Cleaner

If you have a cheap, plastic feeling apartment bathtub and can’t figure out how the heck to clean the floor in it, look no further. My tried and true method that will get that sucker bright white and squeaky clean is a triple threat combination of cleaning products. I spray Clorox Tilex and Mrs. Meyers Tub and Tile and let it sit for 10 minutes. Then, I go in with a Mr. Clean Magic Eraser and scrub the crap out of the shower and all over. This combination literally gets all of the dirt and grime right off and makes the shower so sparkly clean.

If your shower comes clean, but there are still stains from mold and mildew, you can try this RMR-86 Instant Mold and Mildew Stain Remover Spray, which will totally help in reducing the appearance of those stains. It literally has 11,559 4.5 star reviews on Amazon.

This Extendable Tub and Tile Scrubber is super handy so you don’t have to bend over like crazy to scrub the shower walls. It’s also nice for getting high up on the walls.

This Tile and Grout Scrub Brush works great for really getting in there and scrubbing the grout in your shower. After all, is your shower really even clean if the grout is darkened??

To get the suds up and bring out the power tools, these scrub brush heads literally attach to your power drill and will scrub the crap out of your shower walls and floors at top speed. They literally have 38,000 reviews on Amazon and work like a freakin charm!

Also, this TubShroom is super highly rated and helps to eliminate all hair-in-the-drain problems. It catches all hair, before it goes down the drain, without blocking the flow of water.

Also, if you have glass shower doors, I always recommend using a squeegee like this one after you shower to keep the water calcium buildup from forming so quickly on your doors. This will just extend the life of your cleaning job.

Best Bathroom Cleaning Products

Here are a few of my all-time favorite bathroom cleaning products for general, and overall bathroom cleaning. Most of then, I’ve already discussed throughout the post. I typically like to keep them all in a caddy like this one. This helps keep everything together, so when it’s time to clean, you just bring the caddy and get to work.

One thing I wanted to touch on, was cleaning the inside of the toilet (lol ew). I always pour this toilet bowl cleaner and let it sit for about 5 minutes. Then, I go in with this disposable cleaner. What I love about this cleaning wand is that it has some type of cleaning product it in which foams up and really cleans and polishes the inside of the bowl. Also, I love that the head is disposable. You literally press a button and it just drops into the garbage. I personally can’t stand the thought of storing a non-disposable toilet wand, so this is a great solution.

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Best Laundry Products

So I’ve been on this non-toxic kick for the past year now. Overall, I just try to reduce toxins where I can. I know many of the cleaning products mentioned in this post are definitely not non-toxic, but there are a few I’ve come across that are, that I really do love.

This Nellies Laundry Detergent is non-toxic and unscented and I honestly love it. It cleans the clothes well and leaves them feeling fresh and non-irritating to the skin. Also, it’s said that powder laundry soap is better for your washing machine than liquid.

This Active Wear detergent works great for materials like dry-fit and spandex which can be so hard to get the smell out of! It works like a charm on activewear and really does get the smell out!

I also love this Lysol Laundry Sanitizer. I honestly always wash things like shoes and even my outfit from the airport with this stuff. Really anything you need to truly sanitize, this is great for.

For drying, I really love using wool dryer balls. I always sprinkle some drops of Peppermint Essential Oil to add a bit of a natural, clean, fresh scent to the clothes. The dryer balls, I have to admit, are not the best at reducing lint, but for things like towels, sheets, and pajamas, and stuff they work great and are totally non-toxic.

Essential Home Cleaning Products

Here is a round-up of some of my general favorite cleaning products for random things throughout the house. For example, Folex is AMAZING at getting stains out of carpet and furniture. It literally works like a miracle for pretty much any stain you can imagine!

Vinegar and Baking Soda is a gnarly combination for cleaning anything and reducing stains and restoring shine. If you have a stainless steel kitchen sink, you can sprinkle baking soda in it, and scrub it with a sponge. Then spray or pour vinegar on it (it will fizz and bubble) then scrub it some more. Once you rinse, your kitchen sink will be super clean and shiny and rid of stains from things like coffee.

If you’re a Homegoods or TJ Maxx Shopper then you DEFINITELY need Goo-Gone in your life. Goo-Gone helps get rid of that sticky residue from those impossible-to-remove dang stickers!

Every clean home needs a quality Oil Diffuser and non-toxic essential oils. Whenever I clean my home, I turn on my oil diffuser and it just makes the house smell so fresh and clean and purified.

This post was all about cleaning products

cheers, alyssa

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