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The Ultimate Cleaning Checklist Template to Make Your Home Sparkle


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Looking for a cleaning checklist template to simplify your cleaning routine? This free cleaning checklist template will save you tons of time and sanity, and will also make your home sparkle all year long!

You can download the free checklist here!

cleaning checklist template

Cleaning a whole house and maintaining it throughout the year can be a really overwhelming task. It can be a lot to have to delegate and determine what to clean and how often. Life is so busy that often times we forget about certain areas as well.

This home cleaning checklist was designed with efficiency in mind. It’s intended to help you be able to keep track of what to clean, and when to clean it. Also, it has checklists that will simplify delegating tasks to others, and also help you not forget certain things.

While trying to maintain my own home, there were times where I felt I cleaned really well and times when I felt like I was forgetting something. To eliminate that problem, I started writing things down as I would clean them. That was how the home cleaning checklist was born. It also helps a lot so everyone in the house knows what needs to be cleaned and we can all contribute.

This post is all about cleaning checklist template.

The Ultimate Cleaning Checklist Template

Realistic Cleaning Schedule

Within this cleaning checklist template, I’ve included different categories for cleaning frequency. These categories help you determine how often to clean certain things throughout your home. For example, you have tasks that should be done daily, weekly, monthly, every few months, or every quarter, and even once a year.

Remember, this is a cleaning checklist template. Keep in mind that every home is different, this template can be customized to your needs. Some of the things could vary based on your lifestyle, size of the home, number of people living there, etc. Feel free to adjust the cleaning schedule to fit your lifestyle and needs. I’ve also included blank lines for you to add any tasks that are specific to your home.

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Daily Cleaning Checklist

Each month has checklists displaying the daily task reminders, weekly and monthly tasks. You can either dedicate one day a week to do all of the weekly tasks, or you can tackle a few a day throughout the week and check the boxes as you complete them. The same goes for the monthly tasks.

I encourage you to utilize this cleaning checklist template to fit your needs and lifestyle. It should be more of a guide than a strict rule book. I recommend storing it in a nice binder like this one, or posting each month somewhere visible like a bulletin board or on your fridge for convenience.

This post was all about cleaning checklist template.

cheers, alyssa

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